2021 Roadmap

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2021 is here and so is the Catalytic roadmap!

Throughout the year you'll see releases centered around 5 core themes:

  • Improved Builder
  • Core Platform Enhancements
  • Governance
  • Actions and Integrations
  • Workbench

Under each theme, we have broken out features that we will focus on and tied them to a major release (dates subject to change). The January release happened earlier this month, you can view those updates here.



  • Ability to test a single action in builder and try an action in discover actions
  • When at Fix Task, ability to make changes and re-run the action (date TBD)

Enhanced Builder Controls

  • Upload images to markdown editor
  • Improved action column references
  • Copy and Paste a step
  • Can add section headers and comments

Updated Controls

  • Improved version control options
  • Ability to rename active instances

Stage Gate, aka Publication Control

  • Ability to force a workflow to start in draft mode

Improved Usability

  • Simplified homepage
  • Sorting and Filtering


Workflow Organization

  • Workspaces

Data Table controls

  • Better control over what data can be edited in data tables

App Beautification (May/Sept)

  • Informative card view
  • Updated filters
  • Display starred fields on instance screen

RBAC integration

  • Automatically provision/deprovision users & groups via SSO

Main file formats of business and office tools

  • PDF, Excel, Word, Powerpoint
  • Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Sheets
  • Deeper integration into tables from these tools

Improving existing functions and evening out layers

  • FTP/S, HTTP/S, …
  • Storage
  • Basic String, math, and other manipulations that will not need a user to use JavaScript

Development Environment

  • Browser Automation Version
  • Content Separation Tools
  • Fast Templates to improve action development speed
  • Packaging Tools
  • Module Support

Action Server

  • Full containerization
  • Profiling and metrics generated
  • Take advantage of Multi-OS engine
  • Deep Logging and Debugging Tools


  • Integration into data tables as a native type
  • Additional data types like dropdowns
  • Improved Integration Support

Browser Automation

  • Support for Edge
  • Image on error
  • Improved debugging


Updated Flowchart

  • Updated flowchart view with ability to popup parameters

Form Builder

  • Ability to star fields
  • Looping block
  • Friendlier inputs

Audit Trails

  • Visibility into edits, modifications across the platform

New Application Tables

  • Triggers, integrations, groups, metrics

Action Manager

  • Control what actions are available

Customer Hosted (May/Sept)

  • Run Catalytic on customer’s AWS infrastructure

Database support

  • ODBC
  • Cloud DB Connections
  • Native support of SQLite
  • Turnkey support for deployment of Python

On prem (Jan 2022)

  • Run in any cloud/data center
  • Based on Kubernetes

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback on our planned release. Feel free to leave a comment below!
Happy Building!


  • Theis_171203

    Cool features, can you share the roadmap for 2022 with us?

  • Jen_814911
    Jen_814911 Posts: 13 admin

    Will do! We are getting that finalized and will post as soon as it's wrapped up.