Our January 2021 release is live: New publish controls, Action testing and more.


The January 19 Release

The planned January 19 release brings more major improvements to the Workflow Builder and admin experience with these goals:

  • Make it safer for builders and admins to collaborate on Workflows with the right version controls, staging tools and publishing governance
  • Speed up selecting and testing individual Actions with quick testing
  • Simplified day-to-day use for the Catalytic home page, instance naming, sorting and filtering, uploading images, data references and more.

What's new?

Publish controls

New Workflow approval and publish control makes it easy for teams to collaborate on creating Workflows safely. When enabled from the admin team center, all newly built Workflows need to be checked by an admin before going live.
Tip: Catalytic provides a prebuilt approval Workflow to use for your requests, but you can also create your own using the new “Workflow: Publish a Workflow” Action.

Added version controls

With improvements to publishing drafts, there are also extra features built into our version control. You can now view, delete and duplicate any published or draft version of a Workflow from the version control page.

Action testing

Now, you can test individual actions within the Workflow builder or from the Discover Actions page. This means you can experiment quicker to see if an Action works for your process without having to test your whole Workflow.

Sorting and filtering

You now have more control over sorting and filtering in Catalytic, across the Workflow page, Task page, Workflow Instance page, and more. You can also now view Workflows by user, so you can easily see what Workflows each team member has created.

Rename active instances

It’s now quick and simple to rename an active Instance to something unique that will help you identify it easier.

Upload an image into the markdown editor

Our rich text editor now allows you to upload your image directly, rather than only allowing an image URL. Just drag and drop for your image to display with markdown formatting.

Simplified home page

Your home page now focuses on the most useful information for using Catalytic day-to-day with quicker access to your recent Tasks, Instances, and favorites.

Action column references

If you work with a lot of data tables, it’s easier than ever to reference the right columns in your Workflows. We’ve improved most of our table actions to present a list of available columns during configuration—instead of having to enter them in manually.

There’s more: To see all of the fresh features we’ve just released, view the full January release notes.