Decouple Additional Integration Connections from Admin Responsibilities

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Delineate integration responsibilities between Admins and users. Often, the integration connection added requires the username/password of the user (Salesforce, Outlook, Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics) and with the current configuration, either more users have to be added as Admins to enter their own credentials or current Admin users have to enter the username/password of another user (security concerns).

Proposed delineated permissions:

  • Admin permissions for integrations include adding new systems for integrations and allowing access on the integration system connection to certain users (or all users).
  • User permissions for integrations include adding additional connections for existing system connections configured by the Admin user and for systems where they've been given access to add additional connections (outlined above).

This will ensure that:
1. users enter their own login credentials for the external system for integration instead of needing to provide credentials to another user that has Admin access.
2. users are not given Admin access only for integration access when they shouldn't be able to have other Admin permissions.

Similar to idea 709 for Outlook connections

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