Allow Admins to Favorite Workflows for Users

Meghan_550057 Posts: 107
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Configure an ability for Admins to favorite workflows for users.

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  • Jeff_146001
    Jeff_146001 Posts: 296 admin

    @Meghan_904209 For this request, would you see some workflows as being set as favorites for ALL users on a team, or are you looking for the ability for admins to designate different favorites for each user?

    Can you elaborate on the need that you're aiming to solve?

  • Meghan_550057
    Meghan_550057 Posts: 107

    @Jeff_291769, specifically looking for some workflows to be set as favorites for ALL users on a team. As an example, we're looking to build out some Admin type processes for users to request integrations, submit ideas for process automation, etc that we want users to be able to access directly from their Catalytic account from the home page.