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Want to make your webforms look nicer, be more on-brand, or provide a better experience to the people completing them? Check out the attached guide for tips and tricks!



  • I like the quick bot for uploading pics for hosting on Catalytic! Is there a way to "delete" ones I have uploaded and no longer need (i.e. I was just practicing)??

  • Another added tip for the image upload.... if you are uploading multiple images, to make it easy to determine which "task" connects to which "image", you can add another field, a text field, called Image Name. Then in the Assign to Task step, add the image name prior to the text suggested in the help file:
    {{image-name}} The following image is hosted publicly by Catalytic. Right-click on the link below and select Copy link address.
    Then when you open up your active tasks, the image name will be the first few words of the Task description.

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    @Kevin_579059, thank you for all your Community messages!

    By default, Catalytic saves and makes all instance data available to you; no files, tables or other objects are deleted automatically. In this case, we are talking about files you may or may not want to reference in the future.

    There are two options for managing data deletion. Linked below is where you can find more details on those data retention policies.

    Data retention > Retention policies