Reminder Notification: Send the same email on specific days

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I wish to send the same e-mail in 3 days in a row for 1 month.
I was trying to to use a Reopen task with 3 days of delay and with the condition if the supplier has already answer me, but when i tried to do that, i never received the e-mail, i think it's because the task is still Assigned.
There is another type of task that I can do this? or i need to find other way?

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  • Jozef_783863
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    Hi @Leonardo_186052,

    Thanks for sharing your first Community question!

    Have you tried using three separate email steps? I recommend this approach over the use of loops using a Reopen task.

    Each email step can use a timing delay setting and also a condition. I can put together an example and share it in Show and Tell. Please let me know what you think!

  • Leonardo_186052

    Hi @Jozef_783863 and Thank you,
    Maybe I can explain the pushbot better. The pushbot will read an excel and for each line from this excel will send an email, and in this email with fild I would like to do that part of the reopen but if I had to make 10 emails (1 every 3 days) I would have to create new variables, this would complicate ifs. Do you think that way is still better? or did I get it wrong (If i'm, can you share the example)?