Suppress a line in MS Word


I created a bot that outputs fields from a Catalytic form onto a MS Word document. Ideally I could use a multiple choice field for this, however I need the choices to show up in list form on the Word doc and unfortunately the multiple choice field separates by commas. As a workaround, I created several choice fields.

I have a total of 7 choice fields, each with the same set of options. The user picks up to 7 unique choices and they display on the Word doc as follows:

My problem is finding a way to suppress fields that are not populated. Right now, if a user only selects 2 fields and leaves the remaining 5 blank, there are 5 empty lines on the Word doc. Is there a way to modify the field reference on my Word template so that it disappears if no option is selected?

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  • Wes_705161

    Thanks Jeff. This was the original solution I was given but I wasn't separating the fields correctly the first time. Much appreciated