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Not all tasks send a notification email. One common case is when an instance owner receives tasks and we try to prevent sending too many emails.

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With Field: Field Formulas, you can get a task ID and construct the task URL. With your task URL, you can then use Email: Send an email. You can find more details on this process pattern below.

Steps explanation:
Your Field Formula should start with a 1 minute delay and a condition. The condition is that the assigned task is open.

The Field Formula and Email should, from a flowchart view, run alongside your the task as shown in the flowchart below. In a larger process, the Field Formula and People Task should have the same dependency.

Please note: The Catalytic API is not officially supported. We would like to prevent changes that can cause a process to break in the event the API changes without notice.

In case you are using Pushbot: Reopen Task and Reset Dependent Tasks please see:


  • Jacob_154284

    @Jozef_783863 is there more info on this piece? "Not all tasks send a notification email." Which tasks do or do not send notification emails?

  • Meghan_550057

    The recommendations above from @Jozef_783863 are for Assign Task to a Person action. If you need to retrieve the webform URL from the Email: Send a Form action, you can use a field formula (similar to above) but will be the below for the Javascript code:
    result = run.tasks.find(t => t.taskName === 'insert-task-name-here').webhookID

  • Thomas_937381

    @Meghan_550057 This should actually allow you to reconstruct the entire webform URL:

    var url = 'https://{{team.teamName}}'
    result = url.concat(run.tasks.find(t => t.taskName === 'insert-task-name-here').webhookID)
  • Meghan_550057

    You're exactly right - thanks @Thomas_937381!

  • Rupali_956549
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    Dear @Thomas_937381
    I have implemented the javascript as per the recommendation in this discussion. But its not working fine for us. i.e webform url is coming as wrong.


    ( Attached screenshot for your reference.)

  • Meghan_550057

    @Rupali_139823 - this worked well for me when I tested it. Could you send an email to with the URL of your workflow run where you're seeing the incorrect URL? Our Support Team can help troubleshoot with your specific example.