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Not all tasks send a notification email. One common case is when an instance owner receives tasks and we try to prevent sending too many emails.

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With Field: Field Formulas, you can get a task ID and construct the task URL. With your task URL, you can then use Email: Send an email. You can find more details on this process pattern below.

Steps explanation:
Your Field Formula should start with a 1 minute delay and a condition. The condition is that the assigned task is open.

The Field Formula and Email should, from a flowchart view, run alongside your the task as shown in the flowchart below. In a larger process, the Field Formula and People Task should have the same dependency.

Please note: The Catalytic API is not officially supported. We would like to prevent changes that can cause a process to break in the event the API changes without notice.

In case you are using Pushbot: Reopen Task and Reset Dependent Tasks please see:


  • @Jozef_783863 is there more info on this piece? "Not all tasks send a notification email." Which tasks do or do not send notification emails?

  • The recommendations above from @Jozef_783863 are for Assign Task to a Person action. If you need to retrieve the webform URL from the Email: Send a Form action, you can use a field formula (similar to above) but will be the below for the Javascript code:
    result = run.tasks.find(t => t.taskName === 'insert-task-name-here').webhookID

  • @Meghan_550057 This should actually allow you to reconstruct the entire webform URL:

    var url = 'https://{{team.teamName}}'
    result = url.concat(run.tasks.find(t => t.taskName === 'insert-task-name-here').webhookID)
  • You're exactly right - thanks @Thomas_937381!

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    Dear @Thomas_937381
    I have implemented the javascript as per the recommendation in this discussion. But its not working fine for us. i.e webform url is coming as wrong.


    ( Attached screenshot for your reference.)

  • @Rupali_139823 - this worked well for me when I tested it. Could you send an email to [email protected] with the URL of your workflow run where you're seeing the incorrect URL? Our Support Team can help troubleshoot with your specific example.