Is there a way to export a table to .pdf?

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I am looking for a way to either export a table to .pdf or insert a table into a word file that can then be exported to .pdf. The reason behind this is, that the table can not be edited anymore once in the .pdf, this is a requirement that needs to be fulfilled.


  • Thomas_937381

    Hi @Veronika_128563 .

    Depending on the amount of data, and whether the numbers of rows and columns are fixed, you could embed field references in a table in a .docx file (Word: Create a Word document), and create a .pdf from that (PDF: Create PDF document). If you could get the table to a JSON format (maybe Tables: Convert data table to text?) you may be able to infer fields from that (Field: Create fields from JSON).

    Otherwise I'd encourage you to upvote this:

  • Christina_108366

    Hi Thomas,
    thank you for your answer.
    Unfortunately the number of rows is not always the same. It's a dynamic number of rows. So the field references in combination with a Word document are not suitable. Is the JSON-action you mentioned possible for a dynamic number of rows?