Excel: Save spreadsheet to data table - Options to determine column types

Ian_210989Ian_210989 Posts: 42 admin
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Provide an options for the action, Excel: Save spreadsheet to data table, to determine column types:
1. Infer column types based on data (default)
2. Manually define column types
3. Set all column types to text

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  • Devon_161545Devon_161545 Posts: 16
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    I disagree with automatically inferring. I would prefer a method to be able to define it in a table load. Such as Row 1 = headers, row 2 (optional) = field type. I'm having to reset many of my columns because the limited data set in testing keeps selecting "Choice" instead of text. And it changes my "Yes/No" choice column into a "True/False" column.

  • Jeff_146001Jeff_146001 Posts: 296 admin

    @Devon_161545 I agree with your feedback. I've gone ahead and update the title and description of this idea to provide 3 different options for determining column types.

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