Issue Adding Data with Special Characters to a Table



I'm building a webform questionnaire where I populate the answers to questions in a table, convert the table to excel and markdown, then email the markdown table and the excel attachment in an email.

I'm having issues populating the table when the answers to the questions include special characters, specifically if the response includes quotation marks ("sample info") within the response.

According to the help text for the 'Values' field, "If the value contains quotation marks, they must be escaped with a quotation mark."

I've tried wrapping the value in single and double double quotes (""sample info"", "sample info") but I can't seem to get the process to add info to the table when the value includes quotation marks.

Any help is appreciated.



  • Jeff_196484


  • Kalin_996882
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    Hi @Jeff_196484,

    I believe what would need double quotes in this case is the field reference in your action; however, that may not leave you with the best solution since there are probably several inputs that do not have double quotes to begin with.

    Would it be possible to use a Find and Replace action before this step to look for double quotes? You could have them replaced with a character that does not have any conflict with the action (ex. = \ -) and then use a Table formula to substitute the double quotes back into the table afterwards -

    var text = columns["Value"]
    columns["Value"] = text.replace(/=/g, '"');

    Let me know if that would work and if you have any questions.