How does web form option "Public Status Tracking" work?

Hello dear catalytic team,
I just want to know how does the web form option "Public Status Tracking" work.

Its description says "After completing the form, guest users will receive a link to track progress".
I have set my web form option "Public Status Tracking" to be "True",
However when the guest user completes the form, there is no link shows for process tracking.
Web remains "Success" page without any further information.

Could you please show me how does a webform behave when 'Public Status Tracking" is enabled?


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  • Brandon_189578
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    Unfortunately, "Public Status Tracking" of web forms was an experimental feature that is no longer supported. You are still seeing it in the configuration because the Web form version you are using is several versions behind the latest version.

    You can either continue using the version you have configured with the assumption Public Status Tracking will not be available, or you can change to the latest version (when configuring the step, select "Email: Send a web form" as the action and the latest version will be selected for you) where the configuration will not show you the "Public Status Tracking" parameter in the first place.

    NOTE: If you do switch to the latest version, you may want to test your workflow to ensure everything continues to work as normal.