Overriding Fix Tasks And Starting A Manual Process

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If your use case requires a manual rollover process in case of workflow failure, you can override the default fix task logic using this method.

Create A Bot User On The Team
1. Add a new user on the team. Adding the user directly is the best method.

Configure The Error Handling Workflow
2. Create a new "Error Handling" workflow with a scheduled trigger
3. Configure the workflow to search for instances with "Fix Tasks" assigned to the bot user.
4. Batch over each task. For each task..
- End the instance
- Log the failure in your issue tracker of choice or a Catalytic table
- Execute your business logic for a manual rollover process

Configure Any Workflows That Need To Override The Default Fix Task Logic
5. Add and configure the Workflow:Update Owner action to change the owner of an instance to the bot user you created.

Ensure You Configured Your Workflows Correctly
6. Test your error handling workflow to ensure it's working as expected.