Override Fix Task Logic

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Scenario: In some use cases the default fix task logic is not ideal. Some workflows are time sensitive so if there is an error in the automated workflow, a manual process must be started in a timely manner.

The current fix task logic will stop executing a workflow and generate a "Fix Task" that must be manually completed. It can take some time to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. Meanwhile the business will have rolled over to a manual process. The workflow owner will have the added work of figuring out which instances don't need to be resolved and ended because the process was done manually. This can be error prone and create duplicate work in the scenario when the fix task is resolved by the workflow owner while a manual process was already started.

An option in the workflow configuration to override the fix task logic. When the option is toggled on, fix tasks are still generated but the the workflow ends and a new "Error Handling" workflow starts. The error handling workflow is configured by the workflow owner to execute the business logic for a manual process.

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