Is there a way to identify if the workflow has failed and notify set of users of failures?

Is there a way to identify if any action has failed to execute in a workflow and notify set of users?

For ex: Data table update fails whenever there is a , or ".
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    Hi @Praneeth_143663 one thing I have done in the past to achive this is to add the following steps to the end of the workflow.

    1. Add a "Workflow: End this Workflow" step to the end of your workflow and make it dependent on the last step completing. If the workflow does not run into any issues this step will end the instance.

    2. After the "Workflow: End this workflow" step above add a step to send an email or assign a task to the person you would like to notify to let them know there was an issue with the workflow. Set it to run when the Workflow starts and set it on a delay (checkbox and settings under Dependencies & Conditions). Make sure you make the delay long enough that the entire workflow should have had time to complete if it didn't run into any errors. This step will be skipped if the step above completes successfully and the workflow ends. NOTE: This can be tricky if your workflow is waiting for people to complete a task before continuing. That makes it more difficult to set a delay that is the correct length.

    3. Add another "Workflow: End this workflow" step to run after the step above completes or is skipped.

    By adding these steps the workflow will end if it gets to the first "Workflow: End this workflow" without running into any issues. If it doesn't get to this step because of errors in prior steps it will assign a task or send an email to the person designated after the time set in the delay. The second end workflow step will complete once the email is sent or the task is completed. By adding these three steps you will always have a workflow that completes and you will be notified if it ran into any issues. If you add {{run.runID}} to the email body or task it will provide the instance ID of the run that failed so that you can find it and troubleshoot it easily.

  • @LaKenya_102824 , we should make this a BP for our hands-off flows