How to get webform results into a data table?

I have a webform that is being sent to individual users. The webform consists of two webform fields and one fillable data table. I am able to capture the fillable data table into my results table but unable to get the two webform fields into the same (or any) data table.
The master data table does not capture the results either because it is in an inline helper workflow so it's only pulling data from the workflow as a whole.

Is there a way to get those two fields into a data table after the webform is submitted?


  • Chuck_185472
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    Hi @Tanis_890808,

    Which actions have you tried so far? I recommend using the action, Tables: Add a Row.

    Paste the output field references from your web form fields into the Values field for the action. Something to look out for when using this action- if the values contain any special characters (commas, quotes, etc.), you'll want to enclose the "{{field-reference}}" in quotation marks.

  • @Chuck_146211 I'm using the copy a table to another table to grab the webform table responses. The problem with the add a row to a table action is I want the webform fields to be on the same row as the table results too.

    I tried using the add a column action but I'm not sure how to get the value into the column..

  • @Chuck_146211 I could try Tables: Update a Row but i'm not sure how that will work if the table cell blank when updating.

    Would I search NULL for the lookup criteria?

  • Chuck_185472
    Chuck_185472 Posts: 33 admin

    Thanks for sharing more information- you're on the right path here!

    After adding columns to the table, you can use the action, Tables: Update a Row to insert the new values. You'll want to make sure you have some way to identify which row each value should be inserted into for the Look up column criteria configuration of this action. This could be an email address, name, employeeID, etc. - anything that may be a unique value in a column.

  • Chuck_185472
    Chuck_185472 Posts: 33 admin

    Looks like we were posting at the same time @Tanis_890808. For the look up criteria, I suggest looking up a column that is not the column you want to update.

    For example, if you want to update a row within Column 4, you can lookup a value of a row within Column 1. If the lookup finds your specified value in a row within Column 1, you can update that same row within Column 4.

    Our help article on this action details a couple good examples of how to configure this action:

  • @Chuck_146211 Updating the table isn't quite working as expected. I feel like it shouldn't be this hard to get a webform result and add it to a data table from a webform...

  • @Chuck_146211 I had another idea but not sure how to do it either... is there a way when completing the webform to pre-populate the table with data from the webform fields?

  • aluedke
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    Hey @Tanis_890808 - Have you by chance looked at pulling the data directly from the master table associated with the workflow?

    From the Instances page, click on the 'Data' tab and then 'Master Data Table'.

    In the master table, you'll find that form fields have been automatically added to the table and the entire table is accessible using the table ID found in the URL.

    If you need to modify data within the master table, create a copy of it from within your workflow and select the needed columns. For specific rows, filter data using the '{{run.runID}}' of the current instance.

    Note: Data is only written to a master table when a workflow is started from a webform trigger or start an instance. If you start the workflow using the test button, no data will be written to the master table.

    Hope this helps move you forward.


  • @aluedke Hi! Yes, I've thought about this but the webform itself allows for multiple rows to be added into the data table (within the form). If I pull the data from the master data table, it only has one line that applies for each instance.
    I guess the next question would be, how do I apply a specific field response from the master data table to all the rows that were added in the webform data table?