How to protect (lock) unique tables?

In my workflow I am creating unique tables based on data that changes daily. Those tables are sent in a webform to individuals to action. I'm having an issue where there are blank rows being added to the table because individuals are accidentally clicking (+Row).

Is there a way to protect each unique table that is created?

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  • Carli_954489
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    Hello @Tanis_890808 !

    There are a few options for you:

    • Depending on what part of the table you want to restrict, you can add an action before the tables are sent out to restrict edit permissions by protecting a table or protecting columns in a table
    • You can also apply a filter to the tables after they have been modified. The column to filter can be any column that will always have a value. The filter criteria will be is not empty written as "!IS_EMPTY"


  • The action to protect a table looks like the right choice, but it's causing an error when trying to show the table in the webform. I'll likely go with the second option.

    Thanks for your feedback!