Why is my 'date' type not copying to my results table?

I'm having the customer complete a table within a webform. One of the columns is a date type, the customer selects the date and submits the webform. I take the results and copy them to another table. Both of the date fields have the same format. I checked the table from the individual instances and the dates are showing as collected from the webform fields. I have 2 additional columns that are collected as well that are copying over perfectly from the same data table in the webform (single choice type).


  • Chuck_146211Chuck_146211 Posts: 29 admin

    Hi @Tanis_890808,

    After testing this on my end, I can't seem to reproduce the same result you are running into. Could you please provide some additional information so we can help you solve this issue?

    • Are there steps in your workflow that use the web form date responses before they are copied to the results table?
    • Is the date column in your results table set to Date type format? (You can access this by clicking the three dots in the column header and selecting "Edit Column")
    • Are you using the Tables: Copy a table to another table action to perform the copy?

    Please let me know if you are still encountering this issue and I will be happy to assist.

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