Updating all available rows in a Table with a default value

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Currently I'm having trouble applying a default value to a Table column.

Based on department, employees have different required and optional training requirements. For optional training, I would like to be able to send a webform that allows the manager to identify which optional trainings should be included in the individual's orientation packet.

Right now, it seems like the easiest way to accomplish the above is to include a Table in an emailed webform that can be updated per training. It has two columns: Training (long text), Needed? (boolean). I would like to update the boolean column to default to False, but am having a difficult time doing this via Tables: Update a row.

Any recommendations on how to best to address the above issue or maybe a different way to approach this? Many thanks in advance.

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    Have you tried the Tables: Apply formulas to columns action?
    If I understand your question correctly, use the action above and insert the code below in the row formula field to set the entire table column to false.
    columns['Needed?'] = 0
    Hopefully that helps!