Create excel from data table however the value's format is changed

Hello, dear team:
The column's type in data table is integer, value 202012020089
However by action "Excel: Create a Spreadsheet from a Data Table ", the created excel cell value is changed to : 2.02012E+11. See pic below.

The problem is, I need to send such excel generated from data table to users, and receive their updated excel files at last combine all received excel files into one data table.
As a result, in the final data table, all value in the column become 2.02012E+11 instead of 202012020089.

Do you have any suggestion to solve the issue?



  • Ravi_138039
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    First the delay for responding to this question is completely unacceptable. I apologize for that experience and we working on ways to better answer your questions faster on actions improvements. I really appreciate the great example you gave to show your problem. We will have an action that addresses this soon, and is already in testing. May I contact you to get your time to see if the new action solves your question ?

    Ravi Singh
    Catalytic - CTO

  • Hello, dear Ravi
    I am back from holiday. Yes. please contact me when the issue is solved.

  • Hello
    Another issue, the text field in data table "000000" is changed to "0" in the generated excel file.

  • Ye_939471
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    Hello, Ravi:
    Is there any process for this issue?

  • Ye_939471
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    Could you please give me some updates for the topic?

  • I am having the exact same issue now with the leading zeroes being removed.
    When using the action insert data table into an excel template, the leading zeroes will never be kept in the Excel, but are always removed.

    Is there a workaround to keep the leading zeroes or why does this action remove them?


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    @Ye_939471 @Ryder_727733 ,

    Thank you for your question and follow ups here. I've been working with some sample data and think I may have an approach that will help with this.

    In my workflow I have added a File type field as an Instance Field. As its default value, I have created an Excel spreadsheet for its default value. The template shares the same header formatting as the table I want to convert into a spreadsheet. You may need to play around with the column formatting in the template a little bit, but the data should follow this formatting once it is in place.

    I use this template for the action, Excel: Insert a data table into an Excel template, which I find retains formatting and the data types better than directly converting the table. Could you try this approach and let me know how that works for you? Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.

    Thank you,

    Help article: