Create excel from data table however the value's format is changed

Hello, dear team:
The column's type in data table is integer, value 202012020089
However by action "Excel: Create a Spreadsheet from a Data Table ", the created excel cell value is changed to : 2.02012E+11. See pic below.

The problem is, I need to send such excel generated from data table to users, and receive their updated excel files at last combine all received excel files into one data table.
As a result, in the final data table, all value in the column become 2.02012E+11 instead of 202012020089.

Do you have any suggestion to solve the issue?



  • Ravi_138039Ravi_138039 Posts: 3 admin


    First the delay for responding to this question is completely unacceptable. I apologize for that experience and we working on ways to better answer your questions faster on actions improvements. I really appreciate the great example you gave to show your problem. We will have an action that addresses this soon, and is already in testing. May I contact you to get your time to see if the new action solves your question ?

    Ravi Singh
    Catalytic - CTO

  • Hello, dear Ravi
    I am back from holiday. Yes. please contact me when the issue is solved.

  • Hello
    Another issue, the text field in data table "000000" is changed to "0" in the generated excel file.

  • Ye_939471Ye_939471 Posts: 47

    Hello, Ravi:
    Is there any process for this issue?

  • Ye_939471Ye_939471 Posts: 47

    Could you please give me some updates for the topic?

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