Concatenation of Two Fields for Spreadsheet and/or Table

I've searched in the community, and I don't see answer for this. Is it possible to:
1. Concatenate two cells in a spreadsheet through Catalytic? Alternatively, is it possible to concatenate two fields in a table?
2. Concatenate two cells with text in a spreadsheet through Catalytic? Again, I could convert to a table first then concatenate if necessary.
New user. Non-IT, and definitely not a coder.


  • I figured it out. Convert table to text then convert text back to table. Painful.

  • Ravi_138039Ravi_138039 Posts: 3 admin

    @Stephen_422860 Thank you for your suggestion and I apologize I just saw this question. We have a set of actions coming that should let this be easier and if you have the time I would love to talk and hear any other issues that can help you with your Excel file manipulations.

  • Ravi: Thanks. What's the best way to set up the call?

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