How do we delete data tables?

How do we delete data tables?



  • Hi @Praneeth_143663 ,
    If you want to keep the data around, but want to remove it from "production", you are able to archive it. If you are looking to fully delete the data (this is NOT reversible), you can upload a blank Excel file to overwrite the existing data. Both options are in the "3 dot" menu in the top right of the screen, when viewing your data. You also have the option to rename the blank table, in case the title is a concern as well.

  • Praneeth,

    In additon to what Nicholas wrote above, which can apply to any data table, there is also the option of data retention in the context of data tables generated by a workflow instance. This can be reviewed here:

    The idea there is that if you have tables that are generated regularly via running workflows, those data tables can be deleted as part of a data retention policy for the governing workflow.


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