Rearrange CSV Columns

I found myself needing to rearrange the columns in a CSV file. I came up with a fairly quick 2-step method:

  1. Text: create text file. 
    • In File Content, put a comma-separated list of the column headers in the order that you want.
    • In File name and extension give it a .csv name.
  2. CSV: Update file with another file.
    • In Master File, put the field reference of the file you created in (1).
    • In Inbound File, put the field reference of the file you want to rearrange.
    • In Key Column put the name of one of the columns that is in both the Master File and the Inbound File.
    • For the T/F questions, put T F F F T.

Et voilà! Step 1 creates a CSV file with only the headers in the order specified. Step 2 inserts data into that file. Note that Step 2 does not necessarily insert the rows in the same order that they appear in the inbound file.