Table Formula: Split/Tranpose One Column Into Multiple Rows and Columns

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Ideally, every three rows in the table column should be one row in three columns. The dataset contains roughly 40k rows so a table formula appears to be the correct approach. Would this be the correct route?

Source file first comes from Web: Download a File. The file returned is html (contains html table) so I saved it to xlsx via File: Rename a file. The html formatting remains in the xlsx. The xlsx output has one column with the data, it gets saved to a table, and it then gets filtered with Tables: Apply formulas to columns. That is the point where one column should split/transpose into one row and three columns. This should take place for every three rows in the starting column.

Current State: Single Data Table Column

Ideal State: Three-Column Table (original html table file rendering)

Update: Submitted a new action idea named Convert HTML Table to JSON and this idea is available for upvoting at the link below.

Idea: Convert HTML Table to JSON