Pattern: Consolidate Table Rows from Individual Surveys

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Very commonly people pass spreadsheets around an organization, and subsequently have a need to consolidate rows from each source into a table of record. Versioning in these scenarios can be nightmarish.

Say that I want to gather a variable numbers of unique records from two or more people, with a table like this (inputs are an example of what someone would enter):

Rating (1-10) Comments
8 Comments go here.
9 Another row, another record

Once we've collected these from each respondent, we can consolidate them. We may also wish to see who authored which row(s). Consider using a form ID, email address, name, etc, combined with a date:

Rating (1-10) Comments Email Date
10 Authored by someone else 2020-07-16
8 Comments go here. 2020-07-31
9 Another row, another record 2020-07-31

Using tables in the Email: Send a web form action allows us to gather validated, structured data from people, and summarize or transform it in some other way.

Try the attached workflow, and once you've responded to all surveys, look at the responses-table in the Create consolidated response table step.