How can you offset a time using a negative integer

I'm using the action Date-Times: Adjust a date & time. I would like to offset the hour negatively but I don't get it to work. Is there a specific syntax for negative integer?.
I can get this to work with a single integer like "1", but it fails when use "-1".



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    @Rafael_943505 Thank you for sharing your question in Community.

    I did not encounter an issue using a Date and Time field type and negative adjustment amount in Date-times: Adjust a date & time. Attached is an exported workflow to show you how my action completed without error. I recommend comparing my workflow with your workflow to see how your workflow differs.

    Listed are the steps used in the exported workflow. I added an image for each step.

    1. Setup Date and Time field type with default value.

    1. Setup Date-times: Adjust a date & time with negative adjustment amount.

    1. Test completed and output field value is correct.

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    @Rafael_943505 Also sharing other related help documentation, in case a date and time field value is not displaying as expected (due to a local timezone).

    Frequently Asked Questions > Administration

  • Hi Josef, I'm having a lot of issues setting these dates. I'm trying to set up a global solution and the time zone is set up to my settings but it is not giving me the result that I'm looking for other regions. I'm located in Europe and the offset works for me, but If set update using an offset for another region like America then the hour set 2 hours difference.
    Would you help me checking further into the workflow I'm trying to develop?

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    Hi @Rafael_943505, sure thing. I will be in contact over email to request a link to the workflow where these actions are taking place.

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