Convert a Date Time field from Data Table to Text Data Table

To include a list of options into a single selection field that is used in an Email Form, I'm using the action Tables: Convert data table to text. The issue that I have right now is that the options are showing as text, eg: 2020-07-24T08:00:00.000Z.
I would like to use the action Dates: Format a Date Time to solve this problem, but I'm not sure how to do this considering there are multiple date-time records in this table.
Is there perhaps any formula I could use to convert this Date-Time field to a text field that could read the record as dddd MMMM Do h:mm?


  • Thomas_937381Thomas_937381 Posts: 196

    Hi, @Rafael_943505.

    To use Dates: Format a date time, you'll need to start a batch workflow over the table (Tables: Start workflow for each row).

    Can you confirm how many date/timestamps are in the table? Also, what's the source of these? Would it make sense to address the format prior to writing them to the table?


  • Hi Thomas,
    We have multiple timestamps. We are actually collecting date/times in a field table, and we are using this field list to make a selection for a single date/time session. I have tried a new method and it is to convert this field from date/time to a text, and use the action Dates: Format a Date Time to save this date in the data table as a text instead than with the date formated.
    The problem that we have now is that this workflow will be available globally and the date is formated back to UTC Time Format. so regardless of the region, it is converting this value as UTC Timezone before I can save this date/time as a text.
    Is there an action that allows me to offset the time based on the Region?

  • Thomas_937381Thomas_937381 Posts: 196

    Hi @Rafael_943505.

    Time zones present some challenges in that the offset for much of the world shifts in relation to UTC/GMT, which are fixed. Also, the dates on which the US and Europe go on/off summer time (daylight savings) are different.

    The best way I can envision would be having a time change schedule table for any applicable time zones. You could look up the date, see if it falls before/after the date on which the offset from UTC changes, infer the appropriate offset, and use Date-times: Adjust a date & time.

    There may also be date API services that could help with the conversion, leveraging the Web API: steps.

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