Pattern: Delimit .TXT or .CSV File with New Delimiter


The attached pattern allows one to upload a .txt or .csv file, and change the delimiter from a comma (,), semicolon (;), vertical bar (|), or tab to any of the others in that list. There is also a choice field at the start that will optionally create a data table or Excel (.xlsx) file from comma-delimited .csv files you generate.

This pattern may allow you to work with datasets in Catalytic that are not already be in a .csv or .xlsx format for import.

There are two current limitations as this is built currently:

  1. This will not escape characters that are the same as the new delimiter you wish to use. Handling this scenario may be possible with expanded RegEx / a better JavaScript formula in the Remove all occurrences of new delimiter from text and Replace current delimiter with new delimiter steps. For example, if you are uploading a semicolon-delimited file and creating a comma-delimited file, in order for the workflow to work, all existing commas in the semicolon-delimited file are nullified.
  2. This will not work for extremely large datasets. There is a 64000 kb limit (condition) for the .txt or .csv file you upload, but you may be able to increase this. Keep in mind field size limits.