How to Ask a Community Question

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Welcome to the Catalytic Community!

Community is where you can ask questions, share ideas, and learn from one another.

Here are 3 quick tips to get you started:

Before asking a question, search the Help Center or Community!

Because there are nearly 300 solved questions on the Community, and over 400 articles on the Help Center, you can answer most questions with a quick search. In fact, we recently updated our Help Center’s search so it’s extra powerful—give it a shot! (We use it all the time at Catalytic).

For general questions or tricky problems—ask in Community. For Catalytic bugs, questions involving confidential data, or extra tricky problems—contact Support.

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if your question is better suited for a Community post or Support Inquiry. Here’s all you need to know:

  1. Ask in Community for how-tos, general troubleshooting, or exploring features.
  2. Contact Support if you encountered a bug, or have a question that requires more detail or involves private information.

To get a detailed answer, ask a detailed question.

We looked at some of our best Community discussions and have 4 tips for asking a great question. (Also, if you want to see a great question and solution, check this discussion out.)

  1. Describe the goal: “I am trying to split a table into two tables and…”
  2. Share the key details or limitations: “I can’t use any table actions because...”
  3. Share what you have done so far: “I tried to use the following table action, but the output was only one table. I also tried to…”
  4. Share what resources you used or tried: “I followed the section “How to split a table” in the Table help article.”

Then when you’re all done—reread your post a few times! Make sure it’s extra easy to read so other community members can offer help right away.