June 2020 Release - Tasks, Conditions, Action Help and more

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On Tuesday, June 16, a new Catalytic release will improve your experience for tasks and conditions, make it easier to get help, and provide better guidance when you have no results.

The release will be deployed during the day, and we expect no downtime.

Improved task completion experience

When you select a task, either from the Tasks screen or when viewing an active workflow, it will open in an overlay on top of the current screen. When you complete the task, the overlay will disappear, returning you to the page you were on. This keeps you in the context where you're working, since you will no longer need to navigate to a separate page for the task and then navigate back.

When needed, you'll still have the option to open the task as a full page.

Task notifications

Additionally, we'll be adding a notification pane that will alert you with a green dot when a new task is assigned to you. This will help you jump directly to a task you'd like to complete.

Easier conditions

We're making it easier to set conditions for when you want to run vs. skip an action. Now, when configuring conditions, you can choose from any of the following options without needing to worry about syntax:

  • Field
  • Field choice
  • Text
  • True or false
  • Action
  • Action status

Action help

When you're configuring an action that you've never used before, it's helpful to reference the Help Center article for that action. We're making it easier to access that article by adding an Action help link into the menu for each action that opens up the associated help article in a new window.

Updated default filters

We want to make it easier for new users to find what they're looking for with less clicking, so we're updating the following filter defaults:

  • Workflows: Updated to Owned by anyone from Owned by me. Since most users are not builders, this will make it easier for them to locate workflows to start.
  • Viewing a Workflow: Updated to Any Status from In Progress to provide a clear record of all the instances that have run, rather than a filtered list by default.
  • Viewing an Instance: Updated to Any Status from Status is Active to better convey the status of all the actions, rather than just those that have not yet completed.
  • Instances: Updated to I'm Participating In from I Started to help users more easily locate any instance they're involved in.

Better guidance when you have no results

We've updated the "empty states" throughout Catalytic, so that when you land on a page or search, and there are no records to list, you'll see some helpful guidance on what that page is about and a button to lead you to your next step.