Browser Automation - save entire webpage as html?

Hello, I am just diving into Browser Automation. The Browser Automation Guide (with the 9 action steps) was very helpful, telling you how to build one. The Action "Browser: Save Text from Element on Web Page to Field" is so easy to use, and is much easier than trying to scrape web pages using macros/VBA. I do have one question right now - is there a way to save the entire web page as HTML by using "Browser: Save Text"? I looked at "Web: Download a File" but it seems like this is only for .docs, .pdfs, etc. that are on a webpage. Or would some of the Web API stuff be more applicable?

I have the browser automation going to a public website, entering user name and password, then doing a search and navigating to some pages. I would like to have the automation download the pages as HTML and then send them to the user. The "save as HTML" part is where I'm stuck.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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    @Kevin_579059 Can you share the reason why you need to save an entire web page HTML?

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    Hi Jozef,
    Yes. In our work, when we need these web pages revised, we download them as HTML and then open in Word, and use track changes to indicate our revisions (very efficient I know). Sometimes there are dozens of these pages to revise at once, so the goal of the automation is to help the user by searching for them and then presenting them to the user in a "ready to edit in Word" mode.

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    Thanks for the context, @Kevin_579059. Since Browser: Save Text from Element on Web Page to Field does not save an entire page, I submitted a new Idea (linked below). I also shared a similar idea, for saving HTML tables, in case that is where user edits are changing on the web page.

    Unfortunately, I do not have a solution available for you today. I will reach out to a team member to let her know about your HTML page need.

    Browser: Save page source HTML

    Browser: Save HTML table as data table

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