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When creating PowerPoint slides, allow for an option to create as an image to restrict editing of slides. Currently, PowerPoint has an option to save each slide as an image that you could place into slides. Looking for an automated way to generate slide content, save as images, and reinsert into new slide deck.

While converting to PDF makes it uneditable, it also removes the ability to "Present" like a slide deck.

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  • Jeff_146001
    Jeff_146001 Posts: 296 admin

    @Meghan_904209 Can you describe the underlying need more? I'm not sure that saving as images is the best route to achieve what you're looking for.

  • Nicholas_187159
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    @Jeff_291769 one example I have seen recently would be to incorporate PowerPoint slides as images into a webform - using PowerPoint as the de facto design tool, if you will. In order to do that today, you would need to take a screenshot of the slide itself, then upload to a storage repository (like a file field in Catalytic).

  • Jeff_146001
    Jeff_146001 Posts: 296 admin

    @Nick_169402 That's an interesting use case. I could see that.