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  • Ye_939471
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    Thank you for sharing.
    I tried to run the pushbot, after filling everything, step "Fix issue for Predict churn" reported error below:
    {The Predict churn task could not execute due to the following error:
    Field: Make a prediction failed with error: Could not find Predictor with id "83a4445e-9f35-49ab-9e84-facb857199a3"}

  • Hi @BIN_127767 ,
    When importing a process that utilizes a predictive model, you will need to create a new predictive model, then point the Prediction action at that newly created model ID.
    1. Create a new predictive model
    2. Configure the Predict step in the process to reference that predictive model you just created

  • Ye_939471
    Ye_939471 Posts: 61

    Thank you, I will try then!