How can I use an email trigger to update an already running process?

Here is the scenario we would like to have (simplified):
1. A running process collects customer information via a webform (done)
2. Once the customer adds the information, it is sent to a separate system to register the customer for training (done)
3. Once the customer completes the training, that system will send an email to the customer and the pushbot (WISH!)
4. The pushbot updates a record showing the process was 100% completed by the customer (done)__
Is this possible? I know you have an email trigger available, but isn't that only used to start a process? Can we leverage that functionality to progress an already active process? I feel like there may be a way using helper pushbots...just not sure how to implement it.

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    Hey @David_931366,

    If you use the process run ID as a unique identifier, and the other system can include that in the email message, you could create an imported data table with Run ID and Status columns, and update the Status column based on the automated response (via email trigger). Just look for keywords and the run ID, then pair with Tables: Update a row.

    You could build a loop into the main process to not go to next step (Tables: Look up data in a column, Pushbot: Reopen task and reset dependent tasks) until the row is updated with the proper status.



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