Steps keep getting skipped even dependencies are met


I am working on a workflow and want to start some steps after a certain step is completed.
1. Webform will be sent and people are able to choose a date in the webform
2. After submitting the dates should be formatted in the right format (DD.MM.YYYY), for that I used the Format date-time task, but it should start after submitting the webform
For that I put this dependency on the start of the three steps.

But it keeps skipping the steps.

Can you help me further?
Thank you!


  • Ken_119420
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    Hello @Cengizhan_898801. It appears that the "Format start-date" step completed successfully and the issue lies with the conditions for the "Format end-date" step. Please take a look at the conditions for that step as well as the "Format planned go-live step". It looks like they were skipped do to a codition not being met.

  • Hello @Ken_568970,
    for "Format end-date" and "Format planned go-live" I have the same conditions as "Format start-date" thats why I just put one screenshot in. Sometimes it skips the "Format end-date", sometimes the "Format start-date" or the "Format planned go-live". It is just an example on the screenshot. Thats why I dont understand why it does not work.

  • @Cengizhan_898801 I see the dependencies in your screen capture, but do you have conditions set as well? My guess is that there is a condition that it causing this step to be skipped. Can you post a screen capture of the conditions (if there are any)?

    Also, I would change the dependencies on "Format-end-date" and "Format planned go-live" to be after the previous step has been completed instead of after the send email step. I don't think that is absoultely necessary but there really isn't a reason they couldn't run sequentially.