Missing last decimal place when number is 0

I am using a web form for users to enter a very small thickness in inches which is then output to a Word document template. I would like the thickness to be reported out to 4 decimal places, so for the entry type I selected Decimal with 4 Decimal places. However, when the number entered ends with a 0 the output into my Word document leaves off this 0 and only reports out to 3 decimal places. For example, if the user enters 0.0020 when this number populates in my Word document it does so as 0.002. Any ideas on how to fix this or better format my request to obtain my desired output?


  • Grant_213559Grant_213559 Posts: 11 admin

    Hi Lizzy,

    I attempted to recreate the issue you described in a standalone workflow and was unable to reproduce the decimal place behavior. When I run this workflow (attached at the bottom of this post),

    The decimal number outputs with four places.

    Would you want to import my implementation into your environment in order to compare the two workflows and see how they differ? You can also tailor the attached implementation in order to suit your needs.

    For more instructions on importing a workflow, please refer to the following help article.
    Importing and Exporting Workflows


  • Hi Grant,
    Thanks for your help! I downloaded your workflow and it did work when I typed in the full number, so 0.2000. However, when I typed in 0.2 and let the field auto fill the remaining decimal places to 0.2000 then it displayed as 0.2.

  • Grant_213559Grant_213559 Posts: 11 admin

    Hi Lizzy,

    Good catch on that decimal quirk. I added an additional "Field: Field Formula" step before the word document formatting to ensure the four decimal places will stick. Feel free to try out the updated workflow attached to this post. For more information on using the "Field: Field Formula" action, I recommend consulting the following help article.
    Field Formulas


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