How to disable weekend dates in date picker?

Praneeth_143663Praneeth_143663 Posts: 11
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User should not be allowed to select the weekend date or past dates in date picker as this would create expectaton with the customers that the team is working over the weekends.


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    Hi, @Praneeth_143663 .

    Currently there is not a way to disable these in the calendar module. My suggestion would be to incorporate two components into your process:

    1. In the description for date field, specify that weekend calendar days should not be selected
    2. Use Dates: Format a date time with the parameter 'dddd'. This will return the full day of the week; you can then use Pushbot: Reopen task and reset dependent tasks with a condition to start the step if the day of the week is equal to Saturday or Sunday.

    This would be a great suggestion to submit in the Ideas section to be able to lock down certain days of the week in the calendar module.


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    Hi @Praneeth_143663 ,
    I think we have similar wishes:
    New Idea

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