Convert data table to markdown text (Reopen loop and Instructions field)

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unable to generate latest markdown text in instruction, when markdown action "convert data table to markdown text" is called for the second time in the same pushbot.

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    I created a process with 3 actions in my flowchart shown below.

    1. Tables: Convert data table to markdown text
    2. Assign Task to a Person (Field: Reopen? - Yes/No)
    3. Pushbot: Reopen task and reset dependent tasks

    In my process, step 1 reopened and completed as expected. The list of steps (image below) shows that step 1 reopened two times total because it reopened twice.

    In your process, it sounds like step 1 reopened, but you did not get the result you expected. Between step 1 and step 3, I assume there are many more steps in your list.

    Is it possible that you are modifying your table and thus the table has a different ID or name? This can explain why you received a different second table than expected.

    If this is the case, you would remove step 3 and add another step 1 to the bottom of your list. The new step 1 is different because it converts a different table.

    Why are tasks being set to “Rejected” when I use Pushbot: Reopen Task and Reset Dependent Tasks?

  • @Jozef_783863 , Thank you for the flow chart. But in my case , new cell values are added, after each iteration, thus table ID remains the same. My design is similar to the flowchart that you have designed. But still latest markdowns are not captured in the instruction.