Assigning Group Tasks without Needing to Sign In


There is often a need to assign a webform task to a group of people (aka "shared inbox"). However, to capture which of the assignees completes the task, there are a couple of options, with order of simplicity below:
1. "Assign a Task" to a predefined group: ** if the group of assignees is always the same, you can insert that group as a hardcoded value in the "Assigned To" field . If there are concerns with needing to log-in every time to complete the task, an SSO can be utilized.
**2. "Assign a Task" to a dynamic group:
if the assignee group size and members are dynamic for each instance, you can utilize the same steps as above but with a dynamic list of email addresses, separated by comma. This string can be created with a Field Formula or Set Value of a Text Field. In the "Assigned To", insert the field name with handlebars just like any other field reference.
3. "Send a Form" with PIN code identification: if you want to send a webform task to a group of non-users, but still need to capture who completed the form first, you can use a personalized "PIN" number. Each person would have a secret PIN that they would enter into one of the fields, verifying that they are who they say they are. On the backend of that action, you can look up the PIN value in a user table to define who completed the form. The PINs can be pre-defined for all potential recipients or randomized and sent in a separate email (via Batching) during the time of the run.
4. Individual "Send a Form" actions in parallel: If there are a fixed number of assignees for any given approval, a define number of Send a Form actions can be started at the same time. Each action would send to a different user within that group (set them all dependent on the same step). The very next step should have the dependency of "At least one must be completed" tied to ALL of the previous "Send a Form" tasks. After any of the assignees completes their webform, the process will continue. You will need to account for capturing the name of the correct person dynamically AND proactively closing out all non-completed tasks within the process as well.