Time Adjust to UTC that moves w/ Daylight Saving Time

My pushbot uses the action "Dates: Format a Date" with an offset so that when a time is entered into a webform it is adjusted to show the correct local time. The problem was that we needed to update the action when DST ended. Is there a good way to automatically adjust this setting when DST ends or begins?



  • Thomas_937381Thomas_937381 Posts: 196
    edited November 2019

    Hey, Adam.

    This is something that we are aiming to enhance in the tool.

    You could explore leveraging a table for daylight savings schedule, i.e. run the process, get the current date & time, and do a lookup for the offset (based on the time the process starts).

    You could also try a hidden, template-level, date/time-type field for this purpose, and then conditions on actions (i.e. adjust offset differently depending on when today's date is in relation to the start/end of daylight savings).


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