Dashboard: Graph and number of instances?

Jacob_154284Jacob_154284 Posts: 75
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The "Instances Completed" line graph only displays the past 90.

Is this also the case for "Most Active Pushbots" below the line graph in the Team Dashboard?

Example graph from the Team Dashboard help article:

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  • Jozef_783863Jozef_783863 Posts: 331 admin
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    Thanks for sharing this @Jacob_506538!

    We will get the Team Dashboard article updated to include the sentence printed below. Please note that this sentence does appear at the very top of the Dashboard page.

    Summary of the usage and value of automation for your Catalytic team for the last 90 days.

  • Jacob_154284Jacob_154284 Posts: 75
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    It would also be helpful to have by "Most Active Pushbots" some description that the number (e.g 311,422) by the blue and grey bar is the number of completed tasks for the past 90 days.

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