Rename task

Would you like to give an assigned task a more meaningful display name?

By default, the display name of an assigned task is the display name given to that action in the builder. You can use the Catalytic API to change the displayName attribute of a task.

Configure a Web API: Send PUT request action as follows:

API Endpoint


Note: You'll want to use a Field Formula to pass the values of team-name and task-id-to-rename. Remember that in Field Formulas you must use fields["field-name"] and not {{field-name}}

Request Body

{ "displayName": "{{new-task-name}}" }

Note: In this field you do want to use handlebar references for new-task-name.
If you plan to re-use this step multiple times throughout your process, it might help to put it in a Helper Pushbot that you reference with the Pushbot: Start another Pushbot action, or configure it as a Custom Action.


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    As a word of caution, the Catalytic API is not officially supported. We would like to prevent changes that can cause a process to break in the event the API changes without notice.