Two new video guides! — Set up a web form trigger, and Send a web form to a list of users

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Hey everyone! We have two new videos to help you jump into using web forms. These videos are only 5 minutes long, but are filled with detail to help you add new capabilities to your own automation. The thumbnails below redirect to the videos.

How to: Set up a web form trigger

This video introduces web form triggers. You'll learn how to add a web form trigger, how to configure the appearance of the form like the questions and instructions, and how to add a follow up task based on the web form.

How to: Send a web form to a list of users

This video introduces subprocesses, and how to use an Excel spreadsheet in your automation. You'll see how repeated tasks like sending a batch of emails can be quickly automated with actions like Excel: Start process for each row. This video is a great introduction to working with subprocesses and XLSX spreadsheets.