Email: Send a webform : Which Date&Time needed for setting the deadline referencing to a field?


Hi all,

I will try to explain my problem with this 2 Step Workflow with the process ID:

In the first action I´m taking the run Start date and add 5 Minutes to it

After that I´m creating a webform and take this calculated Date&Time value as the deadline point (to send out reminders)

Unfortunately it looks like, that this doesn´t work. When I´m starting the workflow I can see, that the deadline is not 5 minutes later but something about 1.5 days

In the description article about reminders it is mentioned, that for a field reference also Date&Time fields should work. So it looks like, that there is a mistake somewhere (in my Bot?)

I also tried to format the calculated date&time to other date&time formats by using Dates: Format a Date Time Action without success.

Could you please help me :smile: ? Do the field with the date&time value need to be formatted in a specific format (e.g. MM/DD/YYY HH:mm:ss)? If not, what could be the problem?

Thank you very much in advance.


  • Chuck_146211
    Chuck_146211 Posts: 36 admin

    Thank you for providing these details, @Hofsaess_167797. I have not yet been able to reproduce this behavior, so I sent you an email so we can investigate this further.

    For now, I recommend using a duration-based deadline to see if that would produce the expected results.