January Release: Builder Enhancements, Customizable Web Forms, Debugging, and more!

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January Major Release

On January 18th we will release our next major update to Catalytic. We focused this release on added builder enhancements, greater flexibility when customizing web forms, improved user onboarding, and made it easier for builders to debug their workflow. Read on below to learn more about what’s new, what is improved, and what is changing.

Web Form Enhancements

Web forms are now automatically saved within the browser so users can resume when convenient. This means if you accidentally close a tab, quit your web browser, or want to finish at a later time, you can return to the web form and pick up where you left off. You'll see the last time you edited the form in the top right corner. Upon submission, the form is cleared and no data will be stored. While working in the web form, Catalytic does not store any of the data or changes, all entries or edits are stored locally on your computer within your browser. To learn more about how web forms save progress, check out our help article.

As a builder, you can choose to hide the footer and save the web form link as an output field.

Live Editing and Restore of Halted Workflows

With people building more than ever, our users needed the ability to quickly update the step configuration for a fix task. The fix task has been enhanced to pull in the step configuration. Users can now quickly update the step for a specific instance and retry the task. This helps in getting it back on track and troubleshooting issues for future runs. Please note that this will not update the workflow, just the instance.

Improved Onboarding

We wanted to make it even easier for new users to learn Catalytic more efficiently. The guided walk-through helps users take meaningful action right away, reduces the learning curve, and features tips and best practices. This action-driven approach guides users through creating workflows, completing a task, and much more.

Looping Block Improvements

We have updated the looping action to help builders easily configure a workflow with repeating behavior. Builders can easily troubleshoot, extend, understand, and use their workflows without having to open each action.

Community Search within Help

Our search in Help has been updated with a new capability—searching answered community posts. Now, when users search on the help site, there is an option to either search Help Center or Community Posts. Simply click between the tabs in the search window.

Additional Time Zone Support

One of the most requested features we saw in our Community ideas section was giving builders greater flexibility when working with time zones. The additional time zone configuration allows builders to select a specific time zone when scheduling triggers, configuring a field, and creating a step.

Code Editor

Developers and builders have longed for an input type that is a true code editor. Use the new rich code editor throughout the app as an easy way to type, load, and display code for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python. Some features include code syntax highlighting, dynamic validation, dynamic loading of dependencies, autocompletion of custom fields, and code warnings.

Group Permissions

We wanted to expand our permissions to save time for our admins and builders. Now, when creating a group, users can assign organization-wide permissions to the entire group. As an admin, you have the option to assign workflow editing permissions as well. This allows users to quickly assign roles to a larger team and not waste time setting permissions individually.


The team has worked on various improvements in addition to the features above. Here is a high-level list of improvements.

  • Added new versions of Email: Send an email and Email: Wait for reply to ensure that email open tracking fields have valid field names
  • Reduced error rates when processing large files
  • Fixed issue with instance table ownership allowing tables to be owned by multiple instances
  • Added password type functionality for custom actions
  • Fixed issue causing new integrations to sometimes cause existing integrations of the same type to stop working
  • Prevented table-like fields from not being copied on workflow start
  • Fixed an issue where pressing "Enter" within a Short Text field can accidentally submit a web form in some web browsers
  • Ensure table permissions reflect the latest published workflow and not the original workflow version

Additional Updates

We have a long list of items that were fixed within the January release. To see a full list of updates and improvements not listed here, please view our release notes.

Thanks and happy building!
The Catalytic Team