Time Sheet Invoicing Upload SAP Fieldglass REST API call anomalies?


I'm looking into how to use the Time Sheet Invoicing Upload and first port of call was to try the Try It Out page (the call doesn't seem to exist in our Fieldglass instance but that's a separate issue).

The documentation lists the value for the mandatory “Type” field as TIMESHEET INVOICING but this seems at odds with other calls (it's usually just the call name, e.g. Time Sheet Invoicing Upload). Have tried these values and multiple other variants on the "Try It Out" page but all have failed so far with "The Type value specified in this file is not recognized".

Please could the SAP Fieldglass REST API documentation be clarified (and if possible amended, e.g. the Type value)?

As an aside - am also wondering about some of the fields listed in the body - e.g. TIMESHEET ID and ORIGINAL TIMESHEET ID are in block capitals, which doesn't follow the convention of other fields and the API reference for this call just has "data": [ {} ] in the body with no actual fields present - again, this is at odds with other calls.