Web form setting "Disable submit" and "Public Status Tracking" not working as expected


Hello dear team,
In my web form setting,
I have made "Disable submit" to be "True", "Public Status Tracking" to be "True"

However the web form doesn't work as expected:
1. Submit button is still displayed
2. After user submit the form, there is not link for the guest user to track progress

Or do I misunderstand the function?
Thank you.



  • Chuck_146211
    Chuck_146211 Posts: 36 admin

    Hello @Ye_939471

    Are you using the link provided at the bottom of the Web Form Trigger configuration?

    After setting Disable Submit & Public Status Tracking to True, save the trigger and re-open the trigger configuration. You will see a section near the bottom of the trigger config with your web form link.

    You can learn more about web form customization on our help site.

  • Ye_939471

    Hello @Chuck_146211,
    OK, the submit disable address can be copied via the trigger menu "Your web form link".

    My question regarding "Public Status Tracking" is still open...
    I set the option to be "True" for my web form.
    The guest user who submits the form received no link to track the progress.