Is there a way to save attachments to a folder or sharepoint that are submitted via webform?


Hello, I have a webform that is being completed and requires attachments in order to submit. I'm looking for these attachments to be saved in a folder somewhere (on drive or SharePoint).

Usually I would send via email but the attachments are too big to send and using the link URL in the email works but is causing slow processing time for another piece of my automated process. Any help is appreciated!


  • Andrew_239256
    Andrew_239256 Posts: 16 admin

    Hi @Tanis_890808-
    You can absolutely save files from a form to DRIVE or SharePoint.

    To do so, reference the file name in the Google DRIVE action titled, 'Google Drive: Upload a File'. Please see screen shot below for configuration.

    Note: Reference {{Save File to Drive--fileUrl}} for the download URL.

    For SharePoint, you would use the action 'SharePoint: Upload Files'. Please see screen shot below for configuration.

    The easiest method would be to save the files on Catalytic and provide download links within the email. Would be great to understand more about where you're running into trouble there because there shouldn't be any issues with processing time.

  • Tanis_890808

    @Andrew_106600 thanks for the hints! Does the SharePoint step in Catalytic need any type of integration with the SharePoint page before using?
    The links in the email are working great as expected but in my automation, we're going to be collecting thousands of webforms that will be emailed and clicking on each link to open and save the attachments will be time consuming. If the attachments can be saved somewhere individually already then I can grab them all together.