How to I combine email attachments, via field and choose file.

Hello, I would like some help to attach a (1) generated form and (2) file, to an email automation. How do I get the identifier for the file so I can add to form after placing a comma next to form. Example as follows, the file identified as acfa1e8d-4660-4ced-91be-cde3eef310? thank you for checking on this.

Hi @William_897866, in the "Send an email" action, you can attach multiple files in the attachment field by separating the values with a comma. For example:
• Multiple files separated by commas:(1) {{invoice}}, (2) acfa1e8d-4660-4ced-91be-cde3eef310
• All files: * uploads all files in the process
If that doesn't seem to be working for you, please let us know a little more about the fields and the action configuration.