Insights: More than last 50 instances

Hi Community,

I know of the function "insights" to see the analysis of the last 50 instances. Does anyone know a way, to extend this report to all instances that were running?

Thanks in advance.



  • C_211923
    C_211923 Posts: 25 admin

    Hey there Andreas, thanks for your question.

    At this time, there is no option to extend the insights reports past the last 50 instances.

    I do like to suggest that the master data table for your Workflow, or if you're an admin on your team, the Audit Logs in the Admin Team Center, are both good resources to access more historical data on instances. Although, these may not fit your use case depending on the type of data you're looking for.

    We're constantly adding new features, and improving old ones. You're welcome to share your use case or the insights visualizations where you'd like to have extended insights data, as that helps us understand how other users are using this feature.